Steve Woodbury: THE BIG BANG


These works reinvigorate the weighted, historical concerns of calligraphy, language and the nature of perception and meaning within a contemporary painting practice. I create contemporary calligraphy by blending ancient calligraphic methodology (from over a thousand years ago) and contemporary materials and content.


The QWERTY line is derived from the gesture a finger makes whilst creating words on a keyboard and consequently becomes a contemporary information transfer - where text is derived from Sun Tzu’s ancient text 'THE ART OF WAR'. The juxtaposition of the ancient material of gunpowder fused into various contemporary substrates become the ultimate Zen moment - the destruction creates the creation.


The powder has many nuanced characteristics, which has a sensitivity akin to brush and paint - where too little lacks impact, too much (literally) destroys the painting. My initiated Big Bang brings these divergent elements into one universal form...

*Extended (2.56min) CONCEPT VIDEO.

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